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Committee Vacancies

We have been so blessed having Oli Cheadle and Rachel Everard on the NAT CEN committee for the last 3/4 years doing a superb job at organising study days and handling our finances.

It's time for them to step down from the committee which means we have some vacancies and are very excited to welcome some new members on to the team.

This is a fantastic opportunity to work with a supportive, like-minded group of people. It is an opportunity to learn from each other, to network and to prioritise some CPD time. All of us, without exception, would say that the experience has been valuable and good fun.

What roles are available?

There are two roles available from September 2021:

Study Day Coordinator: Oli Cheadle’s term is due to come to an end in September 2021. There are three Study Day Coordinators on the committee, each of whom organises one Study Day per calendar year. Our current Study Day Coordinators, Ali Berquez and Steph Burgess, will remain in post and will work alongside you to organise the upcoming study days.

Responsibilities: Planning and organising study days following input from members and the committee; Organising venues/online platforms; Organising speakers including travel and accommodation (where applicable); Negotiating payment for speakers (with support from Committee); Advertising study days (flyer); Welcoming speakers and introducing them on the day; Ensuring events run to time; Collating and evaluating feedback; Organising ‘thank you’ tokens (where applicable).

Treasurer: Rachel Everard’s term as Treasurer is also due to come to an end in September 2021, leaving a vacancy. Some previous experience is helpful but is not a requirement. Rachel will provide a detailed handover and explanation of all CEN documents and processes to the new Committee member.

Responsibilities: Monitoring membership/study day fees; Paying expenses and speakers’ fees; Keeping accurate and up-to-date accounts; Providing receipts as required; Sharing financial information as required.

What is the commitment?

Committee membership is a 3 year role, which will add to your professional profile, CV, and CPD. There are two Committee meetings per year and in addition each Committee member is requested to submit an end of year report summarising activity within their area. Travel to attend the committee meetings is funded by the CEN (depending on finances available) and a subsidy may be requested to attend the study days to ensure that there are enough of the Committee there to facilitate the day. Recently, as you may be aware, the CEN has moved meetings and Study Days to an online platform, which has allowed us to cut costs.

How do I apply?

If you would like to apply, please submit a brief statement to Kevin Fower via email at before 1st September 2021, summarising in no more than 500 words your professional background, the role you are applying for, and why you are interested in the role. Submissions will then be reviewed by the committee, with a final decision expected before the end of September 2021. If there is more than one applicant for each post, the Committee will be asked to vote on the basis of these applications.

If you have any questions or would like to find out more, please call me on 07966 599984 or email me at

Best Wishes,


Kevin Fower


National Dysfluency Clinical Excellence Network

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