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SEAL Stammering CEN

South East and London

Chair: Rosemary Markland


Twitter: @SEALstammerCEN

WM CEN in Disorders of Fluency

West Midlands

Chair: Julia Henly and Emma Parmar


Twitter: @cen_west

SW Stammering CEN

South West

Chair: Alex Ford


Twitter: @CenSouth

As well as the National CEN, there are a number of regional CENs throughout the UK for SLTs with an interest in Stammering. If you are interested in joining them or finding out more about what they offer, please contact them via the details listed below.


North East

Chair: Faith Chapman


Yorkshire and Humber Stammering CEN
Yorkshire and Humberside

Chair: Siobhan Ward


Twitter: @YorksFluencyCEN

Fluency NI

Northern Ireland

Chair: Angela O'Boyle


NW Fluency CEN

North West

Chair: Alison Treloar


Want to find out more information on CENs?


The Royal College of Speech and Language Therapists has more information on their website regarding clinical excellence networks including a list of currently registered CENs, guidance on how to set up a CEN and a CEN information pack. To visit their website please click here.

If you are on the committee of one of these CENs and the contact information has changed or you have registered a new fluency CEN, please get in touch with us here.

Stammering Scotland

All regions of Scotland

Chair: Suzanne Smith and Dorothy Hanlon


Local Stammering CENs

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