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Dating and Stammering- What are your thoughts?

Can you help Kirsten Howells with an article for the STAMMA website?

Please read more about this article below or at the forum page of the website. You can add your suggestions by heading to the Forum page or clicking on the button link below. THANK YOU!

"Hi, I work for STAMMA and we're currently developing an article for the STAMMA website about dating and stammering. As part of the article, we'd like to include some quotes from SLTs. We'd love to hear your thoughts on the following two questions:

- What might you say to someone who stammers and is anxious about asking somebody out on a date, or going on a date with someone, because they stammer? Imagine the person has not disclosed their stammer. - What would you say to someone who stammers and is in a relationship but finding it hard to talk to their partner about their stammer and how it affects them?

We are looking for broad suggestions rather than in-depth case discussions!

Many thanks, Kirsten"

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