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ISAD 2022 Schedule is here!

ACTION FOR STAMMERING CHILDREN have shared their exciting schedule for International Stammering Awareness Day 2022:

Wednesday 19th Oct, 17.30 – 20.00 – Stammer Stories Live

This will be Stammer Stories’ first live podcast recording to celebrate International Stammering Awareness Day 2022. The event will be hosted by William Laven who will be joined on the sofa by TikTok sensation Mimi Darling Beauty. More details and tickets here:

Friday 21st Oct, 1pm – 3.30pm – My Stammering Child film launch

The release of My Stammering Child will take place in Hull Minster with guests including Nick Hewer, President of RCSLT, and Leeds United professional footballer, Luke Ayling.

Or livestream the event on the day via YouTube here:

Also, on Tuesday we held a free online event with the author, Anne-Marie Conway, about her new book ‘How to be more Hedgehog’. In case of interest, here is the link to the recording:

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