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New edition of SIGNAL Magazine now available - #ISAD2021

Our wonderful SIGNAL magazine editor, Kirsten Howells, has put together the Autumn 2021 edition of our CEN magazine publication - SIGNAL.

We are sharing it with you today in celebration of International Stuttering Awareness Day #ISAD2021.

This issue covers topics including:

  • Online groups for children who stammer

  • The Social Model of Disability and how it relates to Stammering

  • Some book/resource reviews

  • Latest news from Stamma and ASC

And so much more!

The magazine, and previous editions of SIGNAL, are available in the members area of the website. If you are not a member but would like to be able to read the publication, you can sign up for 12mths membership on our website

We hope you enjoy it! The magazine is for CEN members only so please don't share it with non-CEN members. Thank you.

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