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November Study Day - Bookings now open!

The National Dysfluency CEN along with the Compassionate Mind Foundation are excited to host:

Compassion Focused Therapy: An Introduction

Date: Wednesday 9th November 2022

Time: 9.00am to 17.00pm (GMT)

Venue: live-streamed via Zoom (recording available for 3 months to those attending on the day)

Speakers: Dr Ashleigh McLellan, Consultant Clinical Psychologist and Jack Garfield, Doctor of Clinical Psychology

Cost: £20 for all participants (£5 for retired or student SLTs) - this includes CEN membership, valid for one year from registration or renewal.

Please note that we have lowered membership fees at this time to support members to access the CEN.

Overview of the presentation

One of the central teachings in CFT is that we do not choose our tricky brain, our genetics, or the culture that we are born into. We see that all of us human beings have problems and difficulties as a result of our brains, genes and culture. It is very often the case that we feel shame, especially if we are, or feel, different to the norm. CFT helps us see that this is not our fault and gives us insights and methods which can help us to understand what is happening and then do something about it.

During this study day we will cover some of the main concepts of the CFT approach which can give clients a sense of understanding and agency as well as reduce their feeling of shame. The definition of compassion, our tricky brain and our three emotion regulation systems will be taught. Throughout the day we will be inviting you to engage with the material experientially; learning from the inside out allows a greater depth of insight and understanding.

Jack Garfield is going to share his lived experience of how the CFT approach helped him with his stammer. He will draw out the key concepts that landed for him, share his own three systems formulation and how he uses the CFT approach, personally and professionally. Jack has also recently completed his doctoral thesis investigating whether CFT can be a useful intervention for stammering, which highlighted areas of further research and work needed.

We understand that people who stammer experience a number of emotions associated with their stammering, including shame. We hope that sharing this therapeutic approach will help your current practice.

This study day is being hosted by Compassionate Mind Foundation alongside the National Dysfluency CEN and therefore there is a limited number of tickets available and you will need to have signed up by 5pm on November 1st to secure a place. Only those attending the study day will be able to access the video recording on this occasion (which will be available for 3mths afterwards) as the recording is designed to supplement learning and not to replace attendance.

Your name and email address will be passed to the Compassionate Mind Foundation when you register for a place. This will enable them to send you the ZOOM link approx. 5-7 days before the study day and to send you a certificate of attendance following the study day.

If your membership runs out before the day of the event (9th November 2022) you will be required to renew your membership subscription to attend the event. You can check the status of your membership on your account page (accessed via the log in bar on the website.)

We will also be sending round our annual AGM reports for you to please read prior to the day and arrive promptly at the start time of 9am so we can register everyone and go through our annual general meeting agenda.

To book your place head to the study page on our website!

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