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October 2021 Study Day

The Social model of Disability and its application to Stuttering Therapy with Professor Vivian Sisskin

Date: Thursday 21st October 2021 Time: 13.30 to 17.00 (GMT) Venue: live-streamed via Zoom Speaker: Professor Vivian Sisskin (afternoon speaker from 2pm) Cost: Included in the 12mth CEN membership subscription Overview of the presentation Changing notions of disability, and rejection of historical views of “normalcy” have challenged traditional practices of speech-language therapists for their neurodivergent clients. The gradual shift from viewing stuttering through the lens of a medical model of disability (the problem lies within disordered speech) to a social model of disability (the problem lies within the barriers imposed by society) has changed our definition of stuttering, the ways we characterize that lived experience, and our valued therapy outcomes. This workshop will provide insight into the complexities of how physical and socio-emotional struggle intensifies as young stutterers react to a society that stigmatizes stuttering. Vivian Sisskin will provide a therapy framework demonstrating that acceptance and change are not only compatible, but can lead to spontaneous, comfortable, confident, differently-fluent communication.

To book you place, head to the events/news --> study day page on our website.

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