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SAVE THE DATE: 21st June 2023- Study Day!

We are delighted to share our plans for the next study day in June 2023!

The focus of the day will be the impact of the social model on different therapy approaches, including Lidcombe, Swindon and Palin PCI.

Our speakers will include:

  • Corinne Moffatt: Lidcombe and the social model

  • Alex Ford: Swindon packs and the social model (including ACT for teens).

In the next few weeks, we will be providing more details about the content of the day, confirming the speakers, and letting you know when you can register your place.

In the meantime, please SAVE THE DATE:

21st JUNE 2023!

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1 Comment

Hi- I am struggling to book a place - all the links seem to be circular

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