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STAMMA shared an update on We need to hear and see people who stammer on TV & radio all year round, not just a day. Check it out and leave a comment:

We are coming up to International Stammering Awareness Day - and are about to hit 25,000 signatures. Brilliant, thank you for signing. Can you help give it one last push on your social media channels.

BE SEEN & JOIN US if you can and present this petition to the BBC in London and BBC & ITV in Manchester at 12:00 on 22nd. Email for details. BE HEARD. Ring a radio station over the ISAD weekend and take part in phone-ins. Whether it's Gardener's Question Time, Women's Hour, or the breakfast show on your local radio station. STAMMA are running two online group briefings on Zoom on Wednesday 12th October to support and train anyone considering doing a phone-in:

If you've signed because you saw STAMMAs ad in the cinema, do consider signing up and helping us create space for people who stammer, We also provide information, a helpline and webchat service if you need support or information.

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