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Study Day Video Online Now

Hello CEN members,

The video recording from our most recent study day (Feb 2023) is now available to view in the Members Area - Study Day Video page on the National Stammering CEN website.

Thank you for your patience with us uploading this video, it was a full day and the video was therefore a big one - it's 6 hours long.

Please enjoy the video and watch back at your leisure (you may want to do a couple of hours at a time as there is lots of information to take on board.)

The video will be available on the website for around 4mths (until we upload the video from the next study in June.)

You can also access the handouts/slides on the same page on the website.

Please follow our guidelines on not sharing, screen recording or downloading this video as it is strictly for members to view only. We appreciate your support.

Many thanks

National Stammering CEN Committee

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