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The Stammering Collective invites you to a free online event: Saturday 1st October 2022

Join The Stammering Collective on 1st October at 3pm BST for the launch of the collective’s website, along with three participatory sessions discussing the key takeaways from the collaborative project.

What is The Stammering Collective?

The Stammering Collective connects clinical, cultural and creative practice in stammering.

The website documents the flow and exchange of ideas shared during a series of workshops by The Stammering Collective in 2021. Take a look at the website to learn more:

What will happen during the online event?

The online event will officially launch The Stammering Collective’s website, along with three sessions:

Session 1: An Emerging Stammering Culture

What is Stammering Culture? How is stammering represented in literature/television/cinema/visual/musical/political culture?

Session 2: Stammering as a Shared Experience

How can we collectively resist models of stammering as an individual ‘problem’ to be ‘fixed’? How can we challenge concepts of ‘normal’ speech and advocate for vocal difference and diversity?

Closing Session: Mentimeter ‘Witnessing’ with Sam Simpson

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